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Final Code Survey for 2016: Underlying Values

We are seeking your feedback on our final code survey for the year.

This time looking at the core underlying values for the teaching profession that should guide the code.

The last survey looked at some of the challenges that pop up and some of the inappropriate behaviours the code needs to address. We're very aware instances of inappropriate conduct are very rare exceptions in the profession and the code also needs to reflect the outstanding core values that our many great and inspiring teachers embody every single day. We're keen to capture those core values that inspire, guide and define the teaching profession. That is the focus of this survey.



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Changes to Teacher Education Refresh Programme in 2017

A drop in costs for students and greater flexibilty are some of the changes brought to the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) programmes provided by the University of Waikato, Te Rito Maioha and The University of Auckland.



The highlighter



  • I have been reflecting on the fact that 2016 was the bicentenary of the first school in New Zealand as the end of the year approaches.
  • You might be surprised to find the person who said that wasn’t a teacher or indeed a union member.
  • Traffic on the education information highway moves at speed and we need to merge like a zip. Digital teaching and learning has long been part of modern education.
  • We are working on some new projects to support and champion teachers, and raise the status of our profession. These are important for the future of teaching.