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Changes to Teacher Education Refresh Programme in 2017

The curriculum remains the same, but changes have been made to make the programmes more tailored, flexible, accessible and affordable for participants. Changes include more flexible time frames for completing the programme and reduced face-to-face time requirements. Here are the changes:


University of Waikato Programme

  • Fully online with individual support as appropriate.
  • Modules completed in flexible timeframes within six months negotiated with each participant.
  • Includes a 20-day practicum - individually negotiated and tailored to suit circumstances.
  • Assessed by an evidence based e-portfolio against the Graduating Teacher Standards and this can also be used towards the Practising Teacher Criteria. Evidence can be provided through weekly online tasks or from classroom practice.


Te Rito Maioha Programme

  • The programme consists of four modules of four week duration over a 20 week period (increased from 16 weeks).
  • Reduced face time from 24 to 12 hours – first module/paper consists of 12 hours of face to face class/seminar sessions followed by an online learning programme of approximately four weeks followed by a one week break.
  • Included one or two week breaks between courses.
  • Papers will be offered in the following sequence but can be completed out of sequence over the year:
  1. Today’s and tomorrow’s learning communities;
  2. Curriculum, assessment and planning;
  3. The professional teacher - belonging to a profession; 
  4. The practicum
  • Teachers must complete the TER programme in one year.
  • Price drops to $3,500 (GST inclusive).
  • Fees can be paid per module ($875) over the year or in total before the beginning of the programme.  Completion certificates will not be presented until full payment is received.
  • Up to two days leave approved during module 4 practicum.  If a student misses any further days on the practicum they must make up the days as soon as is practical for them.
  • Teachers can choose to complete practicum in their own centre. (New)
  • Consideration will be given to relievers who work across centres. (New)


Kohia Education Centre, The University of Auckland Programme:

  • Four day face-to-face component (previously five days) at the start and end of the course in the school holidays.
  • Greater flexibility with practicum arrangements to accommodate part-time teachers, relievers and itinerant music teachers.
  • Reduction of online assignments from five tasks to three.
  • Incorporation of collaborative assessment into face-to-face sessions.
  • Development of module based programme later in 2017.