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Support for Provisionally Certificated teachers to access Induction and Mentoring programmes


The Education Council encourages teachers to move to a full practising certificate within six years, thereby demonstrating that they meet the Practising Teacher Criteria. By ensuring that all of our teachers meet these standards, the Education Council is able to provide the profession with assurance of the high quality of our teachers.

The nature of part time or relief teaching often makes it difficult for those teachers to meet the teaching service and induction and mentoring requirements to move to a full practising certificate. 

Part time and Relief Teachers

The Education Council, with support from the Ministry of Education, has designed a scheme to support provisionally certificated part-time and relief teachers, working across multiple settings in early childhood services, primary and secondary settings and Communities of Learning│Kāhui Ako to gain Full Certification. It is for experienced teachers who have participated in some induction and mentoring but have been unable to gain a position of at least 0.5 FTTE for the required period because they are part-time or relief teachers.

You can download the Memorandum of Understanding here

Itinerant or Part time Teachers of Music

The Education Council has been running a programme for part time and itinerant teachers of music to help them move to full certification. If you are a part time or itinerant teacher of music coming up on your sixth year provisional certification, a Memorandum of Understanding can be downloaded here.

Have questions?

Contact us on with any questions or if you are unsure if you are eligible for either MOU.