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Proposed changes to teachers' fees

When the Education Council replaced the Teachers  Council in 2015, it wasn’t just a change of name. The Education Council exists to elevate the status of the teaching profession. We’re working to deliver new services to support teachers in their professional development, leadership and teaching practice consistent with our statutory functions. We will also deliver more services online, and provide more robust, effective and efficient disciplinary services.

The Education Council is funded by teachers’ fees. We released a proposal to increase those fees in April. The fees teachers pay to the Council have remained the same since 2010, and don’t reflect the services it provides to the profession. Without an increase, the Council will face a $9.6 million annual shortfall from July 2019.

Here’s some more information:

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Next steps

We wrapped up a four week consultation with the profession on the proposed change on 5 May. We received about 10,000 submissions, and we are reviewing each one carefully. Now that we have heard from the profession, we will consider teachers’ feedback before any changes are made to the fees. No changes to fees will occur before 1 July, 2019.