New Code, New Standards for the Teaching Profession

We are working on some new projects to support and champion teachers, and raise the status of our profession. These are important for the future of teaching. We invite you to help shape that future. 

Code of Professional Responsibility – we are required to develop a Code of Professional Responsibility as the professional body representing teachers. Our working group has suggested this new code should provide a set of shared aspirations and bottom-line behaviours to guide the teaching profession and give learners,  their families/whanau confidence in what they can expect. Learn more about how to get involved.

Review of standards – we’ve been tasked with developing new professional standards to help raise the status and quality of teaching in New Zealand. We plan to simplify and streamline the current standards that guide our teaching practice to a more focused and useful set. Learn more about how you can contribute to this process.

Values to underpin the standards and code – we’re also working to identify a set of shared values that will inform and guide the development of both the code and the standards. These values should capture what we’d like the experience of teaching to feel like – for ourselves and for learners. Representatives from our code and standards working groups have developed an initial set of values that we are testing with the profession. Learn more here.

Initial Teacher Education – we have recently released our paper on strategic options for developing future-oriented initial teacher education (ITE). This paper is the culmination of the first part of our engagement with the profession, and other stakeholders, on ITE . We are now working on a shared action plan with sector representatives to implement the recommendations. Read more here.

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