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Leadership Strategy

Every member of a teaching team needs to exercise context and task-specific leadership if the work of the team is to contribute to the collective goal of achieving equity and excellence of student outcomes. That’s why we’re working with the profession, academics, Māori, providers, and our shared education agencies to build an agreed leadership strategy. The leadership strategy will guide the future investment to support and grow leaders and leadership across the profession.

Who is the strategy for?

The institutional leadership of principals, leaders of Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, and others in formal roles is intended to be the backbone of this strategy. It will also need to address the needs of registered teachers, wherever they are in the system, who lead in their own contexts and on whose capability the system depends.

How are we going to make this happen?

We’ve been hosting events across the sector to set priorities and make plans. The High Level Strategy Development Timetable is a list of all of our events, and the questions we’re discussing at each of them.

At the Academic Forum in February, we got together with sector leaders to consider what effective leadership would look like in a future New Zealand context, and how we can achieve this vision. We released a research paper, and a summary graphic. We hosted a second Academic Forum in July to establish next steps for the leadership strategy. Here's the research paper from that event. More information about the Academic Forum.

The Agency Symposium brought together the Ministry of Education and other education sector organisations to consider where our profession stands, and how we can use data to make sense of the bigger picture, tell a story, and show connections. This image summarises our insights from the forum. More information about the Agency Symposium.

In March, we hosted a Profession Conference with peak bodies to discuss what will help leaders be effective, what we want the state of leadership to be in ten years, and what will get us there? Following the conference, we released an insights paper. We released this insights paper after our second Profession Conference in August. More information about the Profession Conference.

We held a Māori Leadership Forum in June to start a conversation with Māori education leaders about how the leadership strategy should be framed and what critical elements it should include. The participants considered what must happen to widen the spread of knowledge about Māori leadership knowledge, skills and resources across the profession. Following the forum, we released an insights paperMore information about the Māori Leadership Forum.

There will be many more design discussions and opportunities to discuss and contribute to the strategy. If you’re interested in discussing the leadership strategy work at a meeting of your own, please contact us at Our convener, Frances Nelson, can attend your meeting to discuss your priorities for the strategy. 

Get involved

If you’d like to participate in a discussion about the leadership strategy, please contact us at


High Level Strategy Development Table

Insights from Academic Forum

Academic Forum summary graphic

Agency Symposium summary graphic

Insights from Profession Conference

Insights from Māori Leadership Forum

MOE provided leadership professional learning 2017 and 2018

Discussion paper: Leadership for Communities of Learning

Five Key think pieces on leadership