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Future Focused Initial Teacher Education

Great education systems take training teachers seriously. We need new teachers to enter the workforce equipped to teach in the classrooms of today and able to adapt their practice to the learning environment of the future. We need to prepare teachers for that challenge. 

That’s why we need to fundamentally redesign how we attract, select, and educate the profession as we prepare for the future of learning. We need to reconceive how we educate teachers to equip them with the skills they need, and to make sure we have an education system that enables every learner to achieve their best.

Consultation on proposed changes will start soon

We have been working on proposals to lift and strengthen New Zealand’s initial teacher education (ITE) which build on the discussion paper: Strategic Options for developing Future Orientated Initial Teacher Education, released in 2016. Later in May we will start consultation with ITE providers and sector representatives on our first proposals. Consultation information will be available on our website.

Our first set of proposals include:

  • lifting ITE so that over time a postgraduate qualification increasingly becomes  the new benchmark for entry to the profession (a minimum level 8 on the NZQF)
  • raising entry requirements - including a greater focus on literacy and numeracy
  • strengthening the quality of practica arrangements
  • flexible pathways that prepare teachers to teach across the ages and stages of learning, and
  • replacing the Graduate Teaching Standards with the new Standards for Teaching Professionals.

New evidence about the key features of quality practica

To help build our evidence base for our proposals, we commissioned the New Zealand Council of Educational Research (NZCER) to do a literature review about the features of quality practica arrangements. The result is a rich resource about the features of quality practica arrangements and what future practica could look like.

Read the summary report setting out the key findings: Summary report: High quality practica and integration of theory and practice in initial teacher education.

If you are interested in learning more, read the full report:  Full report: High quality practica and integration of theory and practice in initial teacher education.