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Extension to Teach (conduct and competence)

We will process the renewal of a teacher’s practising certificate during an investigation into their competence, conduct or convictions, provided the application has been endorsed by their current professional leader. In other cases, teachers need to wait for the Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC), Disciplinary Tribunal or competence to make a decision before we process the renewal.

It is illegal to teach in the general education system for more than ten full days without a current practising certificate or authorisation.  A teacher whose practising certificate has expired should have their employer seek an extension to teach while their conduct or competence is under investigation.

An extension enables a professional leader to employ a person in a teaching position while that person's practising certificate or authorisation is being processed.

An extension to teach may be granted to an applicant who has a current application for a practising certificate, has paid the required fee, and teaches in a sector where registration is compulsory.

The Chief Executive of the Council (or delegate) decides whether to grant an extension to teach. An application for an extension to teach can be made on our website.

Criteria for providing an Extension to Teach

An extension can only be granted if the following criteria are met:

  • a formal application is received
  • it is only considered on the advice and with the support of a professional leader who must request it
  • the applicant is not under investigation
  • if any concerns are raised about the applicant, or the applicant's conduct or competence is being investigated, the professional leader must demonstrate awareness of the nature and extent of any concerns. If a request for an extension is made the professional leader must include a letter with it showing awareness  of these concerns and actions taken to address them.

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