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EC30 Online

Online Practising Certificate Renewal

We’re almost ready to launch our online practising certificate renewal process. Pretty soon, teachers in schools with an Education Sector login will be able to put together their entire application for a practising certificate online. This project has been a long time coming and we are looking forward to offering a simple, efficient and secure way for you to renew your practising certificate online.

We’ve just wrapped up a trial to test out the new process with a group of teachers. Of the participants in our trial, over 60% were able to complete their application in ten minutes or less. Here’s a sample of the feedback we received from our trial participants:

  • “Fantastic process. So easy and convenient.”
  • “The online renewal process was a breeze… I thought it was awesome.”
  • “This was an easy and efficient way to do my renewal. I think it was an excellent way to go through the process. Life is very busy and this made life much easier.”

What's next?

Now that we’ve run a trial with a live group, we are taking their feedback on board and making small changes to the process. We’re working hard to balance our desire to launch the new process with the need to take our time and make sure the online process as good as it can be. If your practising certificate will expire before the end of July, you should still use the paper renewal form.

Once the online renewal process is live, all you’ll need to start your application is an Education Sector login and your registration number. For more information about logging in, have a look at the Ministry's login guide

Information for principals

This new online process comes with a new endorsement process for principals. The Proof of Identity (POI) requirements that you have been checking on paper can now be done online. As a principal, we’re relying on you to assert a teacher’s identity. Please don’t delegate this to someone else. You only need to do this once for each teacher.

We’ve put together a training module to walk you through the process for endorsing applications. This training is mandatory, and you can complete it now, in preparation for when the online renewal process is live. Log into LMS to do the training.

For more information on renewing your application online, please read the online renewal FAQs