Draft amendments to the Education Council Rules 2017

We’re updating the Education Council Rules that were developed last year, to make sure they’re consistent with some recent changes, including the launch of the Code of Professional Responsibility and changes to the Education Act.

This is important to us and the profession because it supports efficiency and transparency in delivering our functions.

The amendments to the Rules relate to the Competence Authority, the criteria for reporting serious misconduct (Rule 9), the establishment of the Registration Panel, and some other minor refreshes to the existing Rules, providing more clarity and consistency.

We’re now providing a draft of the proposed amendments to the Rules for the profession and wider public to consider.

Review the rules here. To make a submission on the proposed amendments to the Rules, email us at RulesUpdate@educationcouncil.org.nz.

Submissions close on 1 December 2017.

Here are some questions you might have about the rules update.

Why are the Rules being amended?

Now that we’ve launched the Code of Professional Responsibility (the Code) and we’ve had some changes under the Education Act 1989 (the Act) it’s important there’s alignment with our legislation through an update to the Rules.

What are Rules?

The Act enables us to make Rules relating to our functions. Rules are legally binding and they provide the detailed requirements which give effect to the principles and policy framework outlined in the Act. Rules are a form of delegated legislation helping us to achieve our goal for high quality teaching and leadership.

What’s being amended?

  • Rule 9. We have reviewed Rule 9 which is the criteria for employers of teachers to report serious misconduct. Rule 9 is an important part of the definition of serious misconduct and so it needs to be consistent with the Code. We’re also proposing to make some updates to Rule 9 to reflect modern practices.
  • Competence Authority. The Act was amended earlier this year and one of those changes was to establish a Competence Authority. We’re intending to update the Rules so they’re consistent with the amendments to the Act.
  • Registration Panel. We’re establishing this panel under the Rules. The panel will make decisions on some applications for teacher registration. These decisions were previously made by our Board but the Board’s focus needs to be on governance rather than operational 
  • Other updates. We’ve made some other minor tidy ups to the Rules to improve consistency and clarity.

Why are you consulting with us on the draft amendments?

All changes to the Rules must be consulted on. This includes the publication of a notice of the proposed amendments so that interested people can make submissions on them.

In preparing the proposed amendments to the Rules, we talked with the education unions and sector representative bodies. The feedback received during this process helped develop the proposed amendments to the Rules that we’re now consulting with you on.

How will these amendments make it better for teachers?

Consistency is important. The amendments make sure we’re aligned with the requirements of our legislation and the new Code. They’ll also help us to be more efficient, effective and timely.

How do I make a submission on the proposed amendments to the Rules?

Anyone wishing to make a submission on the proposed amendments to the draft Rules can email us at RulesUpdate@educationcouncil.org.nz. Written submissions will be received up to 5pm, Friday 1 December 2017.

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