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Conduct Outcomes

After the Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) has completed its investigation it will make a decision on the outcome. The options available to it are outlined below.

No further action
The CAC may dismiss the case or take no further action.

Referral to competence
The CAC may refer  aspects of the case to the Education Council for investigation by a Competence Assessor if there are concerns about a teacher’s competence.

Agreement with the teacher
The CAC may try to reach a resolution by agreement. In the case of a notification of a conviction, an agreement is with the teacher. For other reports or complaints, the agreement is with both the teacher and initiator. Reaching agreement may result in one of the following actions:

  • censuring the teacher
  • imposing conditions on the teacher’s practising certificate
  • suspending the teacher’s practising certificate for a specified period or until conditions are met, or
  • annotating the Teachers Register.

Conditions imposed under an agreement may include:

  • completing specified professional development
  • practising under specified supervision
  • having regular meetings with a specified mentor
  • counselling
  • undertaking restorative action to address upset caused
  • an apology to the complainant, or
  • attendance at a specified course such as anger management, defensive driving or specialist behaviour management.

The register may be annotated to indicate that the teacher’s practising certificate has been suspended or is subject to conditions.

Referral to the Impairment Committee
The CAC may refer particular aspects of the matter to the Impairment Committee for its recommendation. The Impairment Committee’s report will then be taken into consideration when the CAC makes its decision. More about impairment.

Referral to the Disciplinary Tribunal
The CAC must refer all matters of serious misconduct to the Disciplinary Tribunal. In this case the CAC acts as the prosecutor when the matter is before the Tribunal. More about the Disciplinary Tribunal

Advised of outcome
The teacher and initiator of the report or complaint are advised of the investigation’s outcome. The current employer will also be advised of the outcome of a complaint, and may be advised of the outcome of a mandatory report. Any other person the CAC deems appropriate may also be advised.

Monitoring of CAC agreed conditions
Any agreements put in place between the CAC and the teacher will be monitored by the CAC to ensure compliance. Once conditions have been met the CAC will remove them from the teacher’s practising certificate and remove any annotation from the Teachers Register.

If a teacher is in breach of any conditions, the CAC will investigate and decide on appropriate actions to take. More about the Teachers Register.