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Conduct & Competence

Conduct & Competence

Find out about conduct and competence processes for New Zealand teachers.

The integrity of our profession relies on robust processes that give the public peace of mind, knowing teachers meet high ethical standards and are fit to teach.

The Education Council is responsible for investigating, and if necessary exercising disciplinary functions, relating to teacher conduct, convictions and competence.

There are two distinct processes for investigating conduct and convictions, and competence:

  • Conduct and convictions – are investigated by the Council’s investigators and the Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) and may be referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal.
  • Competence – these matters are considered by the Council’s Competence Assessors and a final determination is made by the Governing Council.

The rest of our Conduct and Competence section is under review. If you have any questions in the meantime about conduct, competence, impairment or the disciplinary process please email