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Competence Outcomes

The Education Council will consider the outcome after it has considered the Competence Assessor’s report and recommendations, and the teacher’s submissions.

Typical decisions may include:

  • imposing conditions on the teacher’s practising certificate
  • annotating the register
  • cancelling the teacher’s registration
  • taking no further action
  • adjourning the matter for further consideration, or
  • referring the teacher back to the Competence Assessor for further action.

Next steps

The Council is required to notify the teacher, the teacher’s current employer, and the initiator of the mandatory report or complaint of the outcome.

The teacher has the right to appeal the Council’s decision at a District Court, but an appeal must be made within 28 days of written notice of the decision, or any longer period that the Court allows.


If conditions are imposed on a teacher’s practising certificate or by agreement, the Competence Assessor will monitor those conditions. Most conditions include a monitoring period, which often only comes into effect when a teacher is employed in a teaching position.

The Competence Assessor maintains regular contact with the employer and teacher, to monitor the teacher’s progress toward meeting the imposed conditions. Individuals who have input into this process include the teacher, employer, and any other person who has been involved in assessing the teacher’s competence (such as a mentor and an independent appraiser).

The onus is on the teacher to ensure they comply with the conditions. Throughout the monitoring period, the teacher is required to submit evidence to the Competence Assessor showing the conditions are being met.

Once the monitoring period is complete, the Competence Assessor will evaluate the evidence and make an assessment as to whether or not the conditions have been met. A further report will be compiled and presented to the Competency Advisory Group (CAG) for their advice.

The Competence Assessor will then prepare a report to Council for their decision. Again, the teacher has the right to make submissions and appear before the Council, and the possible outcomes are also the same.

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