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Another step towards going online for Education Council

June 13 2016

A shift towards the renewal of full practising certificates online will make the job of principals verifying details for teachers easier, says Lesley Hoskin, deputy chief executive of the Education Council.

The Council has recently announced it is taking the first step towards an online certification system with the renewal of full practising certificates.

Ms Hoskin says the process will be more efficient for principals.       

“Principals will soon be able to complete endorsements and proof of identity online. Principals are busy professionals. Many are working with large numbers of staff. Making their job that much easier by streamlining some of their compliance responsibilities helps free up their time to focus on leading their schools.”

Ms Hoskin says the Education Council will work closely with administration staff, teachers and principals to support them during the transition.

“We will make sure we keep teachers and principals up to date with progress. We are developing free online training modules through the Ministry of Education’s Training Services and will have a FAQ section on our website”

Ms Hoskin says the changes target teachers with full practising certificates because this is the largest group.

“We wanted to make sure we get it right with this group first. We do appreciate there are still teachers and professional leaders out there who won’t have access to this system straight away, but we are working towards a broader solution,” she said.

Ms Hoskin says the online solution uses a known platform- Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation (ESAA).

“The system is very intuitive. Users will be prompted in real time if they incorrectly input information so there won’t be lots of time wasted with mistakes. And there’ll be tips and advice as they go.”

Ms Hoskin says now is a good time for principals to remind teachers to check their contact details are correct by clicking on Update my Details on the front page of the Education Council website