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About the Teaching Council

Matatū Aotearoa

We are the professional organisation for teachers.  We represent all teachers from early childhood education through to primary and secondary schooling in English and Māori medium schools.  We’ll promote all that’s best about teaching; good practice, new ideas, inspirational leadership.

We will provide leadership and help strengthen the regulatory framework and disciplinary regime for teaching.  We aim to boost the status of teaching, strengthening accountability and bringing consistently high standards across the education system.

Our role 

We’ll champion good teaching practice and help raise the status and image of the teaching profession.  We want to help attract the best and the brightest to teaching – and keep them there for longer.

We are independent so we have a stronger voice in education policy making.  We can set our own agenda, commission our own research, lead public discussion about teaching issues, and take a position on important education matters. We will:

  • Decide our own strategic direction in consultation with teachers, the Government and the public

  • Develop a Code of Professional Responsibility for and by the profession.

We want to elevate the status of the profession and help the public to recognise the positive contribution quality teaching and educational leadership makes to our society. We will support system changes that improve the quality of teaching and educational leadership. We will always have interests of children, young people and the public at heart. 

Our story

Matatū  Aotearoa 

Matatū Aotearoa comes from the words Mata: face and tū: to stand.

Matatū: to stand up and take notice; to ensure you’re alert so you can take on the challenges that appear before you and that you are aware of your surroundings by looking in all directions not just one.

Our design represents the many pathways an individual takes to seek knowledge – being aware of the various environments, taking on the challenges along the way and striving to be the best they can be.

With knowledge comes learning; with learning comes expertise; with expertise comes the ability to teach and pass on the knowledge to guide those who follow.

Our new name

Our name changed from the Education Council to the Teaching Council in September 2018. Read more here


The Teaching Council is an independent statutory body comprising a Governing Board, organisation and advisory groups. Find out more

Publications & Reports

Publications, newsletters and reports from the Teaching Council can be found here

Making a Complaint 

Teaching Council Complaints Policy