Teacher Registration Pathway

Explore the steps towards becoming
a practising teacher in NZ.

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Applying as an overseas teacher

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I want to become a teacher in New Zealand
Remember to update your address when you move
Gain Initial Teacher Education qualification
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Welcome to the Teaching Profession

Applying for provisional certification


Applying for provisional certification

Remember to certify your documents
Gain Provisional Certification
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Reapplying for a practising certificate & provisional certification or certification subject to confirmation

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Complete Induction & Mentoring program
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Gaining full certification

Gaining Full Certification

Gain Full Certification
Maintain Full Certification

Professional Learning
& Appraisal Processes

  • How does this process reflect an ako relationship?
  • To what extent are the RTC exemplified and clear in your centre/school?
  • Do all teachers have a clear idea of the quality of the practice that is expected of them?
  • To what extent is it clear what sources of evidence must be used in order for each teacher to compile a good description of their current practice (including learner voice and evidence of learner learning and achievement)?
  • To what extent is there a clear process for sharing, discussing and testing evidence so that a well-reasoned answer to the important question of whether the RTC have been able to be reached?
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Renewing your practising certificate

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