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Disciplinary Tribunal

Hearing Schedule

Please note that dates and times are subject to change, occasionally with little or no notice.

A hearing on the papers means that there is no actual hearing. Rather, the two parties involved (the teacher and the CAC) make their submissions and give evidence in writing. The Tribunal issues a written decision after reading the submissions and evidence. It is common for a scheduled hearing to become a hearing on the papers without notice.

The Tribunal may make an order for all or parts of a hearing to be private, in which case only those directly involved in the hearing (such as the teacher, lawyers and advocates, Tribunal members and witnesses) are able to attend.

Guidelines for the media and public can be found on this web page in pdf format. It is important that any media personnel or member of the public attending a Tribunal hearing read these guidelines.

The Practice Notes on this page outline the procedures for any applications for name suppression, and Tribunal procedures around costs.

Recent Decisions

Decisions before 1 July 2014 are subject to name suppression rules which, in general, mean that all names are suppressed.

Number Date of decision Date published Parties Comments
2014-15(3) 21 December 2016 20 March 2017 CAC v MacKay
2014-15(2) 4 May 2016 20 March 2017 CAC v MacKay
2014-15(1) 4 May 2016 20 March 2017 CAC v MacKay
2014-15 8 September 2014 20 March 2017 CAC v MacKay
2016-14C 4 January 2017 15 March 2017 CAC v Jennings Decision on costs
2016-23D 16 January 2017 14 March 2017 CAC v Northwood
2016-55 2 November 2016 7 March 2017 CAC v Teacher Suppression of student and school
2016-30C 10 January 2017 21 February 2017 CAC v Papuni Decision on costs
2015-64C 4 January 2017 8 February 2017 CAC v Teacher Permanent suppression
2015-67C 4 January 2017 8 February 2017 CAC v Teacher Permanent Suppression