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Values to Underpin our Profession

As part of the work to develop a new code and new standards for the teaching profession, we have been working to identify the core values that need to underpin both of these documents.

Based on feedback from both the code and standards working groups, and additional comments from teachers themselves, it was agreed that we need a statement of values to underpin the new professional standards and code, and guide their development.

To help us with this, we established an additional, small working group to identify a draft set of proposed values we could test with the profession. This set of starting values have been further refined through the various focus groups we have conducted and have now been made available through the current online survey for further feedback and input from the profession.

Our aim is to identify the preferred lead values from the proposed list – those that members of the teaching profession identify most strongly with – and use these as our final set.

These values will essentially serve as a checklist that we can use to compare the code and the standards against and ensure they embody the values that teachers themselves have told us they most identify with.

You can review the draft set of proposed values and provide your feedback here.


We intend to develop the values alongside the code and standards, so that they are in place by 1 July 2017.