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Renewing provisional and subject to confirmation practising certificates

Your practising certificate may have expired if you have spent time away from teaching. To find out if you are currently certificated, check the online register.

Teachers with provisional certification should renew their practising certificate using the EC80 form.

Teachers with certification subject to confirmation should renew their practising certificate using the EC90 form.

Check out the step by step guide to renewing a practising certificate.


Police clearance

New Zealand police clearances

The Education Act 1989 requires the Education Council to obtain a police vet prior to registering and granting a practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach. On completion of  all application forms, the Education Council requests information directly from the New Zealand Police Vetting and Validation Service.

Overseas police clearances

If you have lived for a period of 12 months or more in any country other than New Zealand within the last 10 years, you must get a national police clearance certificate from that country, which covers the entire period of time you lived there.

How to get an overseas police clearance